Role Name History
Co-Founder: Nobuyuki Ogata


Since 1987, working on the food and beverage industry, he was involved in the launch of many new restaurants. He also worked as a general producer of weddings and as an instructor of technical schools. He established a private bridal restaurant, but due to the coronavirus depression, he had to close it down. He got to be in a tight spot. He consulted with Mr. Mochizuki, the co-founder of the company, to see if there was anything he could do for restaurants in the same predicament. Finally, he started up this project with him.
Co-Founder/adviser: Hiroki Mochizuki

He has been in the telecom industry since 2012, he has been working on new business development in the field of telecommunications. After that, he went to the U.S. to earn an MBA from University of Texas at Austin starting in 2019. He heard the situation of his friend, Mr. Ogata, and supported the project planning and implementation. He is involved in this project as an advisor.



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