What's Stay Restaurant?

<Why we launch this service>
The coronavirus has forced many famous restaurants to close their business. Customers want to eat their food and the restaurants want to serve their food, but they both cannot do anything. I do not want to see the menu of my favorite restaurant lost forever without do anything.


<Concept of Stay Restaurants>

The closure of a restaurant due to self-restraint is unavoidable. However, we wanted to keep something of each restaurant intact, so we opened this Stay Restaurant. The motto "Stay Home" has become a hot topic of conversation. Then, the next motto is "Stay Restaurant". Let's support restaurants by buying recipes and ingredients and leave the restaurant behind. Even if they were to close or close a restaurant, they would still be able to offer the value as famous restaurants. We want to continue to preserve this heritage. We hope to continue to be a company that continues to provide the world with excellent products, which are the fruits of a chef's wisdom, through the ages. I wished for it.

Stay Restaurant

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